My name is Martin and I’m now 19. I decided to write what are my toughts about our beloved schools. Our educational system is creating robots without any creativity. And I was the kind of student who sat in the last row in the class, looking out throught the window rather than listening. And thanks to that I can finally say this was perhaps one of my best decisions. This attitude in class has allowed me to start asking myself about why am I here, why should I listen a teacher who aims to prepare us for the future but that act like he’s preparing us to work in a factory?

Is the school really preparing us for the future?

First we have to ask ourselves which future? Because nobody knows what tomorrow will look like however everyone agrees to say that the world will need people with a creative mind. LinkedIn even consider creativity as the “Most important skill in the world”.

Search in your own background, when you were young did you have a lot of creativity? Most of, if not all of you are going to say “Yes, I did…” And now? Do you still have that much creativity? I’m sure it’s not.

So what happened during your youth? The answer stand in one word and six letters: ‘School’.

From year to year, children lose their freedom of mind and their ability to produce different visions of reality because schools penalize what is not in line with the system and lessons. Let’s take an example, if a teacher asks their students to draw the sun and that a very creative child paint everything in red the teacher will give him a nice 0. Why? Why can’t this child draw everything in red if that’s what the word ‘sun’ makes him think about.

“All children are born artists. The problem is to remain an artist as you grow up.” — Picasso

The current education system was created to meet the needs of the industrial economy of past centuries. It aims to train an army of brainless robots who will do what their managers told them.

And with that in mind, we can say that school isn’t preparing students for the future, but for the past. Especially when we know that 80% of the children who are now in primary school will do a job that does not yet exist. They’ll need a lot of creativity taht is currently killed by the way our system endoctrines them. This one was meant for the past centuries! And since then nothing has changed.

The whole system is outdated

There is no big difference between the way the school operated in 1996 and the way the school operated in 2016, 20 years later. It’s a problem when you consider how many trades in the entire economy have been completely disrupted by the eruption of new technologies that are still having trouble being used in school. In our current world, we need to solve problems that we never faced before. You agree with me. But when we’re leaving school, what happen? We would like to believe we’re prepared to success in our adult life. But if this was the case, there should be consistency between success in the academic world and success in the professional world.

The key to success would therefore be to memorize an arbitrarily defined amount of knowledge and to answer correctly to a person who asks you about this subject knowing the answer already without focusing on solving any concrete real life problems? Moreover, even if we could find these answers by searching on Google, we wouldn’t do it because that’s “cheating.”

Yes, that’s how we’re leaving school. We’re not prepared for today’s life; we are prepared for yesterday’s life.

You all know what means standardized testing, here is what his creator said about them:

“These tests are too crude to be used and should be abandoned” — Frederick J.Kelly

It’s bad to commit errors

This hypothesis is the pillar of the current education system. From primary school onward, we are victims of a policy of fear where teachers treat our mistakes as a sign of being “less intelligent” pupils. This way of thinking destroys our creativity and builds a strong sense of fear that blocks us before we make a decision.

This is the reason for the stress and stage fright before the exams in which the slightest mistake is fatal. In most cases this has shaped the human psyche forever and is one of the most important reasons why we risk living a life that is not fulfilling. Making mistakes is an integral part of learning and is necessary. We should all be ready and even interested in the famous “failures”; it’s the best way to learn quickly based on our own experience rather than on a meaningless theory.

Last words…

I must confess that without school, we would have no chance of finding a job. But why shouldn’t we have the chance to find one? Maybe because our system wants us to have a diploma to judge us, to know if the bosses should hire us or not. A big majority of CEO judge their employees based on their qualifications. That’s where everyone’s wrong. You should never judge someone by their degree. Judge them according to what they can accomplish. Judge them according to their attitude towards what needs to be done.